A pic is worth a thousand words.

The phrase—a picture is worth a thousand words—has been around for a long time, over a hundred years. The idea? That a good visual trumps language as a means to truly deliver your message. the need for text to communicate the depth of an idea or story.

Sharing an image to compliment your story helps engage your audience. It also let’s you stick to the point and reduce the burden on the reader.

In modern times it’s much more. Every day amidst photos, videos, and stories shared by friends and family we face a barrage of “content” that is—sometimes literally—begging to be viewed. Every other story “broke the internet” or concluded “unbelievably.” Most of the time, it’s believable and, at-best, mildly entertaining. And well, nothing really “breaks” the internet. So yeah, there’s that.

One of the most effective ways to rise above click-bait headlines and a race to the proverbial bottom is to focus on the quality of your content. One defining characteristic of quality content that gets results is the use of images. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of including a photo from the event you’re posting about. Other times it is about licensing a good stock photo that suits your topic. Either way, you should consider the image as important as the headline and content itself.

  1. According to Skyword, content with relevant images have 94% more total views than those without.
  2. After reviewing 10,000 press releases, PR Newswire found that press releases that include images got 14% more views. With video it jumped to 20% more views. Including both images and video and the views increased by 48%. If you add other content like supporting links/audio/infographics/charts/etc the views increase by 77%.
  3. 60% of your audience is more likely to engage with content that includes relevant images in search results.

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