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Are You a Green Avenger?

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This year the Charity Team with the biggest team at the Bluenose Marathon will be awarded $4,000. Halifax is fortunate enough to be home to one of Canada’s great environmental organizations, the Ecology Action Centre. Their team, the Green Avengers, will be participating again this year and they want you to get greened up and join them. You help increase their chances of winning the prize and you get to carry a green torch in one of the most anticipated events of the year here in Nova Scotia.

Here’s a bit more from the folks at EAC:

We’re working on something we’ve never done before. The Ecology Action Centre is hoping to make a big impact in May, and we want you to be part of it:

We want to have the biggest charity team in the 2015 Blue Nose Marathon. If we achieve this goal, we’ll be awarded an extra $4000 as a prize!

We want to create a sea of green on May 16th & 17th, so everywhere you look you see our “Green Avengers” running, walking, jogging or relaying on behalf of the Ecology Action Centre.

Last year we had a team of 65 people, and we raised over $25,000 together! This has had a profound impact on our ability to do great work. Since the race last May, we have a commitment to a greenbelt for Halifax, have been part of citizens movement resulting in a historic government commitment to ban fracking and have worked with Dalhousie to get sustainable seafood in their cafeterias. You can help us achieve our next great victories!

Will you help out by joining this year’s Blue Nose on our Green Avengers team? Every team member helps us make this province healthier and more sustainable. We would love to sweat beside you and help make sure this province’s environment thrives!

Contact me at communications@ecologyaction.ca or 902-442-0198 for a registration package or to learn more!

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