Level up your email campaigns

Better Email Campaigns: As Easy as A/B & C

Upping your email marketing game can be as easy as A/B & C.

Upping your email game is—hopefully—central to how you craft each and every campaign. The strength of your email marketing effort is measured by how many subscribers open the email, whether they click on your links, and if they stick around after receiving or opening your email.

That’s a lot to consider. The depth of the challenge grows as you assess strategies and tactics to improve. Many focus on providing great design and relevant content, taking the time to choose a good subject line, and carefully choosing when to send a campaign.

Does this subject line “wow”? Did we choose the right sender? Are we sending at the right time? …on the right day? Have we chosen the best content? These features are essential to maintaining a healthy list.

If the quality of your content and design is high, your subscribers are more likely to stick around. But content quality gets you nowhere if they don’t open the email. Further, answering those questions involves a lot of guess work.

What if I told you that you can take the guess work out of it? What if I told you there’s an easy, built-in solution to helping you find answers to those questions … before you hit send?

The A/B part of the solution is A/B testing. It allows you to test two subject lines to see which attracts the most opens or encourages the most clicks. You can also choose two different senders to see who inspires more opens to appeals to the most relevant segment of your list. You can even opt to test two different versions of your campaign to see what inspires the most engagement.

Furthermore, the best part, once you’ve set it up—as part of the normal campaign set-up process—it runs automatically and you can choose to send the winning version automatically once testing is complete. It offends no one on your list as no one will receive a duplicate message but you still get good insight into what you’re doing well and where you can improve.

A/B testing that is easy, built-in, and ready still requires informed, expert strategy to ensure you get good information, understand it, and gain the insights required to put it to good use. Ready for the C?

In the A/B and C of better email campaigns, C is for call us. We’re here to help. We can make sense of it all and work with you to deliver measurable results.

Are you ready to BLAST! off with email marketing that delivers? Get in touch today!

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