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I recently posted about my favourite WordPress plugins. The blog wasn't live yet but I shared it with a few folks in preparation for our launch. I got some feedback and wanted to share it with you. A client was advised that WordPress plugins can be problematic. Also, that while they help WordPress do more, they also slow down your website, leave it at risk to attack, and can cause problem if they don't keep up with WordPress updates.
Wordpress plugins are the icing on the cake that is the open-source CMS. If you are using WordPress and you are not extending it's functionality, you are missing out. One of it's greatest features is its extendability, and the ease with which the community can create and share. Here is my list of 5 go-to plugins that I keep in my development toolkit.
These days getting your site on smartphone screens requires a conversation about responsive design. Some would have you believe this is a buzz word. Responsiveness simply means your site adapts to the screen it's being viewed on.  If it's a smartphone, the site knows to adjust the layout and content to be viewable on a small screen. Responsive design is important these days because while an app is certainly an alternative; app development is costly, complex, requires distribution, and must work on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Windows). It's much more work. And for many, it's completely unnecessary.
  There's good communication and then there's doing the right thing. Controversy erupted earlier this week when parts of a draft of a "seduction guide" project hit Reddit.  The project was to be funded on the crowdsourcing website KickStarter.