Build Your List with Facebook

Facebook’s new Lead generation advert type is rather impressive. It’s a relatively new type of advert that allows you to ask users for contact info or other data within the Facebook ad in their newsfeed.

At Boom12, we believe it’s best to get your audience away from Facebook and other to improve the quality of engagement. Lead Generation ads, however, are a great example of specially-effective Facebook adverts, getting your users “where they’re at”, and—ultimately—using the data you collect to drive stronger engagement and improve your results.

An email subscription is one of the most valuable ways to reach your audience. While a social post may get lost in the never-ending news feed, email can be dealt with when the user chooses—or ignored entirely if they have no time. This keeps you out of their hair and ensures you’re less annoying. If you’re sending high-quality email, you’ve found the quantity balance that your subscribers can handle, and your strategy is conversion oriented; you’re all set.

The challenge can often be growth. How do you grow your list? This is where Facebook’s Lead generation ads can come in really handy. For a relatively low spend you can target specific interests, geographies, and demographics to find grow your list with high quality subscribers who actually want your emails. And who may become customers, members, or engaged followers.

If you’re ready to grow your list, get in touch we can discuss your strategy, help raise your email marketing bar, and manage a campaign to take advantage of this great new Facebook ad option.