The best email list sends no spam

Building the best email list: great lists need no tricks

Looking to build the best email list? Smart businesses build great lists full of subscribers who want to receive their messages and who want to engage with their content.
  1. The best email lists are full of consenting subscribers
  2. They follow the law and get real consent
  3. They are built using modern email marketing platforms

The best email list is easier than you think. Before we get into it, consider this all-too-common problem:

The phone rings, it’s a telemarketer. You were supposed to be on the Do Not Call List. You don’t want to hear from them. You’re annoyed. You probably just hang up. You are certainly not going to buy from them, and you’re not very likely to have a positive impression of them.

This is all too common. The hard sell. Pushy and dated.

Well, people respond the same way to unwanted email. The difference is it is much easier to send an email than it is to make a phone call. So, there are way more unwanted email messages than there are unwanted phone calls.

What is the best email list?

Smart businesses build great lists full of subscribers who want to receive their messages and who want to engage with their content. This is good business—engaged customers buy more products and services, are more loyal, and have a stronger relationship with your business.

In the realm of email marketing, authenticity and consent reign supreme. Some businesses might consider shortcuts, attempting to acquire subscribers through manipulative techniques that pressure them into opting out instead of opting in. However, it’s important to understand that these tactics are not only ethically questionable but also legally problematic.


In October 2012, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) emphasized the significance of express consent. This means that subscribers must willingly opt in to receive your emails. Opting out, on the other hand, does not meet the requirements for either express or implied consent. Genuine engagement cannot be built upon deceptive practices.

Proving consent is not just a matter of principle but a legal obligation. When sending marketing emails, you must be able to substantiate that you have the recipient’s consent before hitting “send.”

If you’re relying on implied consent, it’s crucial to ensure that your situation aligns with the criteria defined under the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). If you continue to send content over time based on implied consent, diligent record-keeping becomes a necessity.

While implied consent might have its place, express consent offers a more straightforward path. With express consent, a subscriber explicitly indicates their desire to receive messages from your brand. This clear affirmation makes it easier to establish the legitimacy of your communication efforts. However, if you fail to demonstrate this consent, you lack the foundation needed for genuine engagement.

The best email list complies with the law and respects the audience.

Good record keeping

Record-keeping isn’t just a mere administrative task—it’s a pivotal element in maintaining ethical and legal email marketing practices. When someone subscribes to your email list, it’s crucial to document the origin of the subscription (whether it was through social media, your website, in-person interactions, etc.). You should also note the date, time, and the explicit consent given during the opt-in process is essential.

Modern email marketing platforms have made this process seamless by incorporating data collection and management functionalities.

The value of maintaining detailed records transcends compliance; it’s about establishing trust with your subscribers. When you meticulously document the consent process, you demonstrate your commitment to open communication and transparency. This transparency bolsters your brand’s reputation, setting you apart from those who resort to underhanded tactics.

Bottom line: the best email list uses a professional email marketing platform like CyberImpact or MailChimp.

Don’t chase numbers, build a quality list

Building the best email list goes beyond accumulating numbers. It’s about nurturing genuine connections with subscribers who actively want to engage with your content.

Shady practices might provide short-term gains, but they erode trust and tarnish your brand’s image in the long run. Upholding the principles of express consent and meticulous record-keeping not only ensures legal compliance but also paves the way for authentic customer relationships that drive your business forward.

Remember, the best email lists need no tricks—just sincere engagement and mutual respect. Check out our email marketing services and more of our blog posts about email marketing.

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