Buy Local Again campaign photo of the Boom12 team.

Buy Local Again: Small Business Week

As this week celebrating small businesses ends, join us in supporting the Buy Local Again campaign developed by our Quinpool Road neighbours Charcoal Marketing.
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Buy Local Again, an initiative to boost local businesses by Charcoal Marketing

As we wrap up Small Business Week, we want to encourage you to Buy Local Again.

Small businesses have managed to survive—and even thrive—through the least certain times most of us have ever experienced. As the world came to a stop, they carried on. As restrictions came and went, they carried on. As instability reigned through wave after wave of COVID-19, they carried on. As supply chains came to a halt and prices soared, they worked hard to carry on.

As big businesses raked in record profits and pushed prices to never-before seen levels, small businesses—far less able to withstand major shocks—carried on.

It is more than that though. They continued to support local sports teams. They continued to invest in our communities. They continued to support the arts. They continued to sponsor events, raise funds, and to give back.

So, as this week celebrating small businesses ends, join us in supporting the Buy Local Again campaign. We want you to take the pledge. Follow the campaign on Instagram and Facebook.

We also want to send a HUGE shout out to our neighbours at Charcoal Marketing and the ten Nova Scotia business improvement districts that pooled their resources and teamed up with the federal government to make this possible. (Quinpool Road, Downtown Halifax, North End Business Association, Spring Garden Road, Downtown Dartmouth, Porter’s Lake Business Association, The Village on Main, Sackville Business Association, and Kentville Business Community)

As a small business ourselves, we also want to express our sincere thanks to our loyal small business clients who day in and day out put their trust in us. We want to thank our small business neighbours for keeping their stick on the ice. So, please keep on keepin’ on. #SupportLocal

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