Instagram 2022 predictions

Looking ahead: What is in store for Instagram

So what's to come? Our predictions on the new Instagram features to come this year.

In 2021, Instagram became more entangled with parent app Facebook.

For instance, the Business Suite offered by Facebook now provides enhanced tools for both Facebook and Instagram. However, the suite falls short in a number of ways—specifically when it comes to their creator tools I mentioned in our last post.

The ability to post Stories and Posts is huge, but there are serious limitations on stickers, links, and more. There’s a long way to go before anyone would be able to use Business Suite in any meaningful way to handle their Instagram work.

So, what’s to come?

With the launch of the Instagram “Link sticker,” and the “Add Yours sticker,” just before the New Year, it seems that Instagram is at least starting to see the value in its small creators.

According to the 2022 predictions in an article by Product Lead, marketers are beginning to see the value in active content creators with fewer than 10, 000 followers.

One can only hope that they will continue to update the platform to reward the consistency, engagement, and shared interests often found in the followings of small businesses and small influencers alike, as this would be extremely beneficial to not only small influencers, but to the platform itself.

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