Best WordPress Plugins 2013: Summer Picks

WordPress plugins are the icing on the cake that is the open-source CMS. If you are using WordPress and you are not extending it’s functionality, you are missing out. One of it’s greatest features is its extendability, and the ease with which the community can create and share. Here is my list of 5 go-to plugins that I keep in my development toolkit.


Revolution Slider

Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin
The first time I used this plugin it was included with a theme I installed for a client from ThemeForest. It has an editor that was simple to use right out of the box. This extension is worth every single penny and if you are looking for a reliable customizable slider, this would be my first choice.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Wordperss Plugin
I love this plugin, I have the developer’s license, and the folks at Rocketgenius do an excellent job of keeping on top of updating the features of this plugin. The add-ons they provide are extremely helpful in extending the functionality. I can’t count the number of times I have used this plugin and it really has become indespensible in my development toolkit.


Ultimate Coming Soon Page

Ultimate Coming Soon Page WordPress Plugin
This plugin is what I usually use in site development to put up a quick splash page and hide the rest of the site. Don’t want people snooping around on your latest WordPress install before you’ve had a chance to set up your site? This plugin is for you. I am sure there are more plugins out there that do the same or more, but I have never looked since I found the Ultimate Coming Soon Page plugin.


Dynamic Widgets

Dynamic Widgets WordPress Plugin
Sometimes you just don’t feel like creating a separate sidebar for different sections or categories – this plugin makes it extremely easy to set exactly where on your site you would like each widget to display. Customize widget display by category, tags, or even by custom post type.


Social Sharing Toolkit

Social Sharing Toolkit WordPress Plugin
I have gotten into the habit lately (for better or for worse) of using Jetpack’s plugin for their carousel and tiled galleries, and have been using their social icon extension as well, but it has nowhere near the customizability and functionality of the Social Sharing Toolkit. This has been my most used social network sharing plugin for a while.

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