Thinking Robot Studios

About This Project

Based in Nova Scotia, TRS is an emerging start-up that employs the latest in 3D printing technology to design and deliver patient-specific custom prostheses and implants for the healthcare industry.

Corporate Presentation Design

As a design-centric start-up, TRS requires world-class materials to establish their market position and grow. We were contracted to develop a presentation using the Prezi platform, which became an essential piece of their marketing and communication collateral.
Using their core brand elements and colours, we developed a presentation that balanced the technical with a simple, clean design. We avoided a transition-heavy product and stuck to quick, simple motion with clean edges. We made sure the focus was on the company and their work first, leaving the technical and surgical content for the end of the presentation.

Custom Website

The TRS website was built from the ground up for scalability, ease-of-use, and unique design. As a new entrant to the market, TRS required a web site that demonstrated the market-ready status of their products and services without revealing their processes and technology to competitors. We helped them solidify their visual identity by establishing some core brand guidelines which will eventually contribute to the development of a brand style-guide.

Graphic Design, Strategy, Web Development