April Stroink money coach

April Stroink, Money Coach

We worked with April Stroink in 2018 and 2019 to develop her brand and logo, style guide, and website.

Guiding successful women to financial ease (without the guilt!)

April Stroink had spent years working in finance and financial planning in the corporate world, in 2013 she stepped away to take the reigns of the family business.

She’d be the first to tell you that things in the business were a bit of a mess. So, as she does, she worked through it. She found unexpected power on the rocky journey that was running a small business during tough times. April and her family sold the business, placing her at a crossroads. What would come next?

She decided to take her financial planning experience and her work in the trenches of managing a small business and to put them to work to help others. She wanted to help them avoid some of her mistakes and the help them rewrite their money story. She took what she learned, built on it, and developed a suite of services designed to bring ease to chaos on her clients’ money journeys. She turned her time in the corporate world (work she thrived on—understanding and helping people with money) and what she learned running a family business into a whole new opportunity.

She knew that with her help, other women in business could learn that the sky’s the limit when you have the right tools in your financial planning and money management tool box. She decided to work with successful women entrepreneurs to help them rewrite their money story, to find financial ease, to live in abundance, and to recognize that by simply spending consciously they could live a happier life with greater security.

When we conceptualized April’s logo, we knew her work started with the fundamentals and helped people grow; finding a baseline and working up. We placed her name in a dual-blue gradient frame. Where a marine, Picton blue representing sea level, rises to meet a rich, French blue representing the sky – and together representing the guided journey to financial ease and abundance. Her name appears in both colours as well but inverted to speak to her role in turning around her clients’ money story.

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