Bringing back a classic

We helped Athens re-open after a brief closure by helping to establish an easy, custom online ordering system for pickup and delivery.

Online Ordering

We helped Athens, among the best known restaurants in Halifax, get online for pickup and delivery using the Halifax Online e-commerce platform. The system allowed them to add their menu, accept online payments, and allowed their customers to schedule their pickups and deliveries.

Website Redevelopment

Athens website had become dated, so as part of the implementation of online ordering we added a few additional bells and whistles to create a single, seamless digital experience for their customers whether they were looking for contact info, the dine-in menu, or information about catering it was all in one place along with their fresh online ordering system.

Digital Advertising

To launch their all-new online ordering system and regain their customers attention after COVID-19 we helped Athens with an ongoing brand awareness and e-commerce ad campaign using the Facebook and Google ad platforms.

Hosting & Maintenance

We host Athens website and provide security and maintenance services to ensure their customer’s data is secure and protected.

Email Marketing

We send regular promotional emails for Athens to drive new business to online ordering and to help grow their new courtyard.


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