East Coast Bagels

East Coast Bakery

Home of the East Coast Bagel. Quinpool's bakery. East Coast Bakery now offers delivery services.

Bagel. Bagel. Bagel. East Coast Bakery

You have been missing out if you have not tried Quinpool’s purveyor of fresh-daily baked goods at East Coast Bakery. One afternoon stroll past their bakery and you will be stopped in your tracks as the fresh smell of baked goods wafts out of their shop as you pass by.

When Gerry Lonergan decided to start baking on Quinpool Road, he had no intention of importing another city’s bagel to Halifax. Gerry was in it to deliver Halifax’s very own bagel … an East Coast-style bagel. And with that bagel came a slew of delicious cookies, bread, and rolls.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gerry wanted to get his business online in order to offer curbside pickup… and that’s where Boom12 comes in. Using the Halifax Online e-commerce platform, Boom12 helped East Coast Bakery get online for pickup and delivery. This system allows them to display their menu online, accept online payments, and it provides their customers with a platform to conveniently schedule their pickup or delivery times on their own devices during business hours.

Boom12 also developed a great relationship with Gerry who is truly committed to his shop and the surrounding community. Today we still continue to work with Gerry on everything from websites, branded garments, fridge magnets, to helping him jump into the world of wrestling! Yes, wrestling.

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