East Coast Bakery

Home of the East Coast Bagel. Quinpool's bakery.

Bagel. Bagel. Bagel.

You have been living in another city if you’ve missed Quinpool’s purveyor of fresh-daily baked goods. When Gerry Lonergan decided to start baking on Quinpool, he had no intention of importing another city’s bagel to Halifax. Gerry was in it to deliver Halifax’s very own bagel … an East Coast-style bagel. And with that bagel came cookies, bread, and rolls.

Website Design

We pulled some of the key information and products to create a single-page site. From there, we built it out to


We added online ordering for both the menu and market using the Halifax Online online ordering system.

Hosting & Maintenance

Like all sites on the Halifax Online network, we provide hosting and WordPress maintenance and security to ensure a secure, encrypted platform for customers and businesses alike.


East Coast also participated in our Quinpool Mailer advertising opportunity that saw 10,000 postcards delivered to their neighbours to help drive traffic to local businesses.

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