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Like many small businesses, early in the pandemic, Halifax-favourite Athens Restaurant did their part to flatten the curve. They closed their doors. After a few months, it was time to make a come back. One thing was clear: the old way of doing business would not do.

And that’s where we came in. We helped the team get back on their feet with marketing support and a website rebuild that included a no-commission online ordering system. Then came more lockdowns. Closing wasn’t an option this time, Athens would need to rely on takeout in a way they had not previously done, as dining rooms had limited capacity and many folks were staying home.

We helped Vange create a nimble takeout brand that could meet the expectations of work-from-home Haligonians. With a decades-long history in our community, Athens customers had expectations. Lots of them. They wanted the robust mix of Greek cuisine and family-restaurant fare they had come to trust.

We worked on the menu, we had to let folks know it was the same family-owned, community staple they’ve always loved with a lean menu of crowd favourites. What happens when you add the “Little” menu to the “Athens Restaurant” brand? Little Athens. We designed a logo, and built a take-out brand that pulled focus to delivery and curbside customers.

Basically, we followed the age-old wisdom: “Keep It Simple Stupid.”  We’re proud of this little brand and we’re even more proud that our online ordering system was in use along with the big apps like Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes but it surpassed all the big apps every single month.

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