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Phones for the Holidays

Phones for the Holidays is an annual campaign to collect used phones, chargers, and cables and to get them into the hands of street-involved community members who need them most.

Connection for those who need it most

MOSH (Mobile Outreach Street Health) provides accessible primary health care services to people who are experiencing homelessness, insecurely housed, street-involved and underserved in our community. Back in 2019, Joachim Stroink—former MLA for Halifax Chebucto and engaged community leader—worked with a few businesses on Quinpool Road to collect used smartphones for MOSH. Donated phones, chargers, and cables were then distributed to community members in need.

Street-involved community members face many challenges. Access to a working smartphone provides access to emergency services in extreme weather or other urgent situations. A working phone can literally be the difference between life and death.

Back in 2020, we joined the effort and produced some social media graphics to promote the annual campaign. In 2021, we got involved a little earlier to do some campaign branding and so began Phones for the Holidays an annual effort to collect used phones, chargers, and cables and to get them into the hands of those who need them most.

Thanks to Joachim and numerous local businesses Phones for the Holidays has collected dozens of used smartphones for MOSH.

This year with a looming housing affordability crisis there are even more people struggling and more people who need this kind of help. We are eager to get to work with Joachim to get this year’s campaign up and running with more partners, more drop-off locations, and on a mission to collect more phones to help even more people.

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