Rage Room Halifax

Rage Room Halifax

Rage room Halifax is the only Rage room in the city. Join us for a rage sesh!

A li’l smashy smash.

As soon as word got out that Halifax was going to be home to a smash room the phone started ringing. Rage Room Halifax owner Terry Leblanc, managed to secure some great local media coverage ahead of his opening that created quite a bit of buzz. People—potential customers—were interested. His socials grew quickly and he and his team worked hard to get the doors open as quickly as possible.

The community response to the media coverage confirmed what he knew, Rage Room Halifax was going to be a success. Having a sense of how popular Rage Room Halifax would be, he needed a robust booking system, online payments, and good website with everything his customers needed to be informed, booked, and rage ready.

He also knew that he had to recapture the interest of everyone excited by the early media coverage with strong marketing. He knew socials would play a role—that was where the interest from the opening buzz was captured—but that he would need to do more to reach his potential.

We got together with Terry and helped him turn his DIY website into a powerful booking engine that automated the most challenging parts of his business – saving him time, money, and many potential headaches. Rage Room’s shiny new website ensured his customers could efficiently book rage sessions while adding their own mix of smashables. We also made sure that customers received automated reminders by text and email about their bookings and to encourage them to share reviews on Google.

Like many businesses that opened their doors in 2019, they were barely on their feet and COVID-19 hit. Rage Room spent much of 2020 and early 2021 shut down by government order.

Fast forward to mid-2021, as restrictions were lifting it came as no surprise that people had a lot of built up angst. When the doors opened, the bookings rushed in. Eager ragers were ready to smash and bash to their heart’s delight once again.

We have been happy to work with Terry to balance digital advertising, email automation, and social media to reach pandemic-weary Haligonians so they could book a rage sesh to let off a little steam. 2021-2022 have proven to be very successful years for Rage Room Halifax, and we are happy to remain a partner with this growing Halifax business.

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