Sexual Health Centre of Cumberland County

Sexual health education from and for Cumberland County, Nova Scotia while spreading the goods online, all over the world.

Sexual health matters.

Sexual education in rural Nova Scotia took a hit with the onset of COVID-19. The Sexual Health Centre for Cumberland County took to TikTok to spread the word about consent, safe sex, and good sexual health. We made some changes to their site to help folks find them on TikTok so they could see what their local sexual health centre was achieving … on an international scale with thousands of followers.

Website Design

We created a simple site with a commitment to continue development periodically.


We work with the centre on an ongoing basis to offer guidance and support in effectively raising funds online.

Hosting & Maintenance

We host and maintain the centre’s website free of charge ensuring top-notch security to protect sensitive user data.

Strategy & Planning

We are working with the centre to develop a digital communications strategy that integrates the use of various social netowrks and their website to drive fundraising efforts to expand and offer additional, much needed services.

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