The Bus Stop Theatre

The Bus Stop Theatre Cooperative

The Bus Stop Theatre's journey towards a more accessible website.

Lead by example.

The Bus Stop Theatre has been a transformative and positive force for good since day one. As the space took life it became a community hub with far reaching community impact. It evolved into a cooperative with community-based board of directors.

They reached out to the community for support to buy the building they’ve called home for years. They succeeded to secure the money and bought the building.

At every turn they’ve remained connected, driven by a commitment to stay true to their roots and to accessible, equitable, and safe space for artists and the community.

Building a more accessible website

As part of that commitment, they asked us to help make their website accessible. Web accessibility isn’t talked about as much as it should be because it is very important. More and more in our daily lives important activities require web access.

We revamped the Bus Stop website with an eye on introducing a high contrast colour scheme, simplified navigation, streamlined some of the content, and established a simpler content structure. We continue to assist the Bus Stop Theatre Coop on an ongoing pro-bono basis, with an eye on achieving a WCAG 2.1 compliance in 2022.

We are also supporting them with the development of web content guidelines for volunteers and staff to help improve the content that gets added.

Boom12 is proud to offer select services to Bus Stop Theatre at no charge each month. Our pro-bono services support a selection of community based organization across Nova Scotia

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