The Other Bean Halifax store front

The Other Bean Sandwich Shop

The Other Bean sandwich shop with local beer, market for hot sauces, the occasional cookies.

The Other Bean, is homage to his dog.

Steve Maly, owner of The Other Bean wanted to stop slinging coffee and start selling killer sandwiches. The name, The Other Bean, is homage to his dog, Bean.

6220 Quinpool Road has been home to a few cool spots over the past decade or so. You may remember Carlito’s or Ireland 32, the two cafés that came before The Other Bean. It’s no surprise to see similar businesses occupying this spot, the narrow, modern space is perfect for a quick bite and cuppa java. When Steve Maly took over from Noel Gallagher in 2014, he wanted to level-up the café by adding a selection of sandwiches with an eye on becoming Quinpool’s lunch box.

An avid outdoorsman, animal lover, and runner, Steve wanted to express some of this in his brand. Boom12 developed the iconic logo that has overlooked the intersection of Quinpool and Monastery Lane for the past few years. Boom12 helped tidy up the website and hosted it while offering a variety of print and design services including everything from business cards to gift cards, and a menu or two as well.

Like many, our relationship deepened with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Steve stayed open, COVID did not close his doors. He followed the rules, worked hard to stay safe and keep his customers safe. Boom12 is happy to have played a role in this by helping him pivot to take-out with a no-commission online ordering system along with e-commerce features for selling sauces, grocery items, and more.  Boom12 also helped with online take-home pizza kits, adding local delivery, and with the occasional promotional social media post.




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