The Resolutes Club

A community mainstay; Southend Halifax's amateur athletic club and gathering place.

A Home Away from Home

The Rez is a community mainstay; established, unpretentious, and a true home away from home for members. The club has a history of support for a brood range of community sporting teams, events, and local athletes. We were elated to get the contract to redesign their website and provide hosting, maintenance, and web content services.

Website Redevelopment

We were selected in 2018 to rebuild the club’s website as part of an effort to promote the club in the broader community. We modernized the site and redesigned it to make it easier for members and guests to learn what was happening at the club, check out the all-too-popular menu, and get in touch with the club.

Hosting & Maintenance

We migrated the club to our WordPress optimized hosting platform and took on managing security and maintenance on an ongoing basis. When the amazing team that keep the club running need to get some info to their members they simply call us and we’ll get it online for them. It’s full-service, affordable, and lets the team do what they do best … provide warm hospitality and a welcoming home away from home in the heart of our south end community.

More Recent Work

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The Resolutes Club

A community mainstay; Southend Halifax’s amateur athletic club and gathering place.

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