Scrunch It Up

Just Like the 80s! We were training new staff on some of our website tools and a whole new side hustle emerged. We used our new found web skills to create an e-commerce website to sell upcycled scrunchies. We needed a simple logo to get things rolling. Logo Design We created a simple logo with

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BreakTime Cleaning Services

Digital Ads for a Pandemic Comeback When Susan called from Winnipeg, she had already had a few bad experiences – companies charging a fortune and delivering very little. We significantly reduced her spend and have been working to fine-tune her ads every week since. Digital Advertising We established a shiny new Google Ads account, reviewed

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Athens Restaurant

Bringing back a classic We helped Athens re-open after a brief closure by helping to establish an easy, custom online ordering system for pickup and delivery. Online Ordering We helped Athens, among the best known restaurants in Halifax, get online for pickup and delivery using the Halifax Online e-commerce platform. The system allowed them to

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