Web Photos: Choosing the Best People Pics

People pics come in many forms, and they all have merit. Some, however, are more useful and versatile than others.

Head shots: There’s a place for ’em.

First off, head shots. These usually are focused around a subject’s face and are used to profile staff, by actors for auditions, and more. Head shots should be taken professionally, to ensure proper lighting and a high resolution, high quality image. It’s important to always include the shoulders in the shot, or better yet, get a full body shot which you can crop down to a head shot if need be.

Action shots: Excitement while it happens!

Action shots are taken while something is going on. These are the most versatile people picture, easy to edit and use in a variety of contexts. Action shots can be of people working, children playing, students studying, even sporting events. The action gives the photograph context and renders it way more interesting than just a straight-on headshot.

Posed photos: Boring but occasionally necessary.

Finally we have posed photos. These are often very forced, but sometimes necessary. Awards ceremonies, official presentations, a shot of the winning Women’s Intermediate Bowling team with their trophy; these are all instances where a posed photo is the necessary option. It’s good to take your background and setting into consideration, and arrange the people so they fit nicely into the frame of the picture.

Next time you’re snapping a photo, take these hints into account.

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