Web Photos: Crop, Resize, and Edit 101.

When using photos on the web, you will sometimes come across size restrictions; maybe your banner has to be 100 pixels high and 60 pixels long. Cropping and resizing your photos to fit these constraints is fairly simple, once you’ve moved the photos onto your computer.

1. Free Software

There are several tools you can download online and install on your computer to edit and resize photos with. Paint.net and GIMP are both free to download. You can highlight areas of the photo to crop, and resize easily. These programs give you other options for image editing if you so desire as well.

2. Do It Online

If you don’t want to install anything on your computer, you can try an online image editor like picresize.com. This image editor is totally online and allows you to crop, resize, and even add special filters to your image. Resizeyourimage.com offers a similar service and is easy to use, with slightly fewer options.

3. WordPress Image Editor

If you are using WordPress, you can edit your images directly in your WordPress editor. Just click Media on the left hand bar, choose your image, and select Edit Image. Here you are given the option to flip, rotate, crop and resize images without any external software.

4. Helpful Hints

Always remember if your photo is too large and resizing it to a smaller image makes your subject get lost, consider cropping the photo around your subject so you don’t lose them when the image is resized. And save any cropped or resized images as a new file, so that you don’t lose the original, in case you end up needing it again in the future.

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