The TikTok smartphone icon in focus on a home screen with other app icons blurred out of focus. Clear Mode on TikTok is a somewhat recent feature.

What is Clear Mode on TikTok

  1. Clear Mode on TikTok hides distracting overlays providing a clear view of the content.
  2. It is activated by holding your finger on the content until the menu slides in and then taping the Clear Mode button.
  3. It is optional, for some it will improve their experience and for others it will likely be best ignored.

What is Clear Mode on TikTok?

In late May and early June last year, there were rumblings of an upcoming new feature: Clear Mode on TikTok. And now it seems that feature has been rolled out.

The newish feature allows users to hide the UI overlay features visible on the content they are viewing. As a result of removing the overlay, users get a clear view of the content without any of the distracting overlay elements interfering or concealing it.

How Does Clear Mode on TikTok Work?

In clear mode on TikTok, all the UI overlay features such as the avatars, reactions, hashtags, captions, and the comment section are removed. This directs all of the user’s focus solely on the video. It also requires the user to take action to like, comment, or otherwise engage with the creator and audience. Clear Mode on TikTok works the same on both iPhone and Android.

  • To activate clear mode, simply long press the content until a menu slides in from the bottom. The user is presented with a few options including Save Video and Clear Mode.
  • To disable clear mode, simply tap the tiny clear mode icon in the bottom, right corner of the content.

Currently, when you switch to clear mode on TikTok it only applies to the video you applied the setting to and when you scroll to a different video it switches back to it’s normal displays settings. It doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of traction.

Is Clear Mode on TikTok Good or Bad?

Depending on how you consume data there are pros and cons to this. Every viewer is different. If clear mode was the default user interface on the app, some users might celebrate it while others may be disadvantaged.

Someone who browses content to interact in the comment section would be forced to take additional actions to do so and may lose motivation to engage. TikTokers who view content but who do not engage might find this feature helpful as it directs your focus on the content.

TikTok like all apps invests heavily in their user interface and for varying reasons. One is certainly to ensure users can easily view and engage with the content. Another, and this one becomes pretty tricky with clear mode, is advertising. Advertisers consider engagement an important part of the value of their ad spend.

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