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Can small businesses leverage Threads for growth?

We’re closing out 2023 with Instagram’s Threads in the top five apps on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store charts. That’s great for Threads but can small businesses leverage Threads for growth and marketing? Get the app for Android and for iPhone/iPad.

Threads: the quick and dirty

There’s a lot to love about Threads. I jumped in early and stuck it out. I check in every few days at least occasionally paying closer attention. I’ve found new people I find interesting, I’ve enjoyed some big brand content I might not have seen elsewhere. It lacks the negativity I feel when I use Twitter (I have not abandoned it, I scroll occasionally, but I can’t stand the cesspool it has become.)

Initially, I enjoyed using Threads to talk about Threads but it got old quick and people are still doing it way too much. This is important because the best things about most platforms is what makes them unique. So, suffering endless posts about Threads’ user adoption has become tedious and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Threads launched quickly and unexpectedly in July to much fanfare and record-shattering early adoption. Engagement and daily-active users declined quickly and leveled out over the summer. Since then Threads adoption has been up and down with surges often triggered by the antics of Elon Musk at X, formerly known as Twitter (yes, I’m choosing to be that guy).

One outstanding feature of the app is the dedication and relentless output of the team that is developing it. There have been numerous major feature drops including audio threads, a following feed, enhancements to the “for you” feed, and so many more.

Most recently the team rolled out the addition of tagging allowing users to connect with a community or topic. Threads’ tagging doesn’t include the traditional use of the # and allows tags that include more than one word (with spaces!). This has proven an effective tool for connecting wayward users desperately seeking their peeps on the platform.  Tech Threads and Gay Threads have emerged as strong options.

Is Threads worth it?

Like all good questions this one is tough. The answers comes down to whether you can reach a large enough audience, find a content creation sweet spot, and connect your business goals with the resources you commit to it.

If you opt in now as an Atlantic Canadian small business, you’ll be faced with a relatively small audience. That makes for lower sales potential but it does give you some space to learn the platform as it grows making room for experimentation and mistakes. There’s also something to be said for early adoption, you’ll likely be ahead of your competitors which gives you an upper hand as the platform grows.

Threads for growth

When it comes to content creation, experimentation, mistakes, and solid A/B testing can come in handy. You can work on your Threads content slowly, without spending too much time. Threads presents a unique slow and steady opportunity for small businesses. The other bonus is that there are a number of big brands already there who are growing fast and providing endless learning opportunities for smaller brands.

The biggest question is whether you can make a near-term business case to justify the effort. The business case for using Threads for growth is contingent on having an audience that is actively using the app and the nature of your business.

The biggest opportunity at this stage is for businesses that can find their niche on the platform. This could be as easy as finding the tag to make the connection or following users with cache in your niche.

You gotta work it

Like any social strategy the first, most important piece is that commitment. If you treat your socials like a utility pole on the side of the road, hanging the occasional poster (sharing only advertisements) but not really connecting with your audience, then you’re spinning your wheels. This applies to Threads as much as any network but with Threads your investing in an unproven channel that has immense potential but is most definitely risky.

If you commit, work it, and discover the recipe that helps you nurture and connect with customers, then you’re golden. You can expect us to be experimenting with Threads starting in January of 2024, check us out and follow @boom12hfx on Threads.

Boom12 + Threads by Instagram

Including Threads by Instagram in your social stack could be a waste of time or a game-changer for your business. Not sure where to start? Let Boom12 be your guide. We specialize in helping small businesses determine the best social stack while offering tailored advice on how to leverage its features effectively.

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