Canva problems

Canva problems: DIYin’ it ain’t easy.

Designing marketing materials can be a big task, especially when you’re not a professional designer. If you’re DIYin’ it then you got Canva problems even if you don’t know it.

Platforms like Canva and Adobe Express have opened up a world of possibilities for non-designers, allowing them to create nice visuals for their marketing needs. But it’s not always smooth sailing. Let’s dive into the challenges faced by DIY designers and discover a practical middle ground that combines the simplicity of Canva with expert guidance and support.

Don’t lose what makes you special

Let’s be honest, you started your business to offer your very own products and services your very own way to your very own customers with your very own style. While a professional designer will start from scratch and create something new, that takes a lot of creativity, experience, and training. So most folks using apps end up choosing a template.

Choosing alone can be a bit much but worse than that, in the end, you’re using something that thousands of others have also chosen. Maintaining brand consistency across various marketing materials is vital but jumping from template to template can make that  tough even when you load up your colours and fonts and brand assets first. This is why many DIYers often struggle to keep a uniform look and feel in their designs. The last thing you want is to go from unique and special to a disjointed and unoriginal brand image.

Design expertise matters

Without a background in design, it’s challenging to understand the nuances of visual hierarchy, color theory, and typography. This lack of expertise can lead to designs that, while aesthetically pleasing, might not effectively communicate the intended message or capture the target audience’s attention.

Bridging the gap

Recognizing these challenges, Boom12 can help cash-strapped small businesses by bridging the gap between hiring a professional designer and going the DIY route. Here’s how we can help:

Custom templates: We understand the importance of brand identity and consistency. Our design team can create custom templates tailored to your brand, ensuring that your designs are not only professional but also maintain a consistent brand image. And you own your templates, no one else will be using them so you can stay true to yourself and keep it original.

Design guidance: We provide design guidance to empower you in making informed design decisions. This includes tips on choosing the right elements, understanding color schemes that align with your brand, and effectively using typography to enhance your message.

Streamlined design process: With our custom, professional templates and guidance, the design process becomes more streamlined and less time-consuming. You can focus on the core aspects of your marketing strategy while being confident in your design output.

Canva problems? Canva solutions.

With our services, you no longer have to choose between the extremes of costly professional design services and the challenges of DIY. You get the best of both worlds – the simplicity and user-friendliness of Canva, boosted by professional design expertise.

Canva and similar apps are excellent tools for non-designers, navigating it effectively for marketing design can be challenging. Our approach provides a middle ground, offering the tools and guidance to elevate your creations without the constant outlay on professional design that is just not available to most small businesses. Don’t just DIY – power up your Canva game with us!

Boom12 + Canva Solutions

We live and breathe cool, fun design. Don’t make the mistake too many small businesses do. Hire professionals and start strong. You do what you’re good at and let us help by doing what we’re good at. Would you hire a baker if you needed a carpenter? We offer the trendy creative design services that you need to be one of the cool kids. Why don’t we level up your Canva game together, let’s chat.

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