One of the five power ups for small business websites is online booking.

How to unleash the power of small business websites

We’re a web-first agency. Basically that means we think small business websites are the most important asset in the small biz digital toolbox. It’s because we know if your marketing starts strong with a powerful website (one that works hard for your business) you will find yourself with more time to work on and grow.

If you want to make sure your website is working hard to help you succeed, take a look at this list of simple features you can add to your website that will make you more efficient.

Remember, your small business website is more than just an online presence—it’s a powerful tool for attracting customers, driving sales, and enhancing your brand. To maximize its potential, it’s essential to leverage key features and functionalities that can supercharge your website’s performance. Here are five actionable ways to power up your small business website:

01. Integrated Forms

Whether you’re the MLA for Fairview-Clayton Park or our favourite bakery on Quinpool, you should make it easy for folks to contact you. An easy way to do that is by integrating sign-up forms and contact forms on your website.

No need for Google Forms or copying and pasting code, just use a form builder like Gravity Forms. Whether it’s subscribing to your newsletter or reaching out for more information, seamless forms streamline the user experience and capture valuable leads.

02. CRM Integration

We use Hubspot to manage our contacts and sales processes. By adding the Hubspot WordPress plugin to this website, we’re able to get inquiries set up for a faster callback and keep all of the work in one place. By connecting forms and analytics to our daily sales activities, we can track leads, nurture prospects, and build relationships more efficiently than ever before.

03. Booking

You can simplify your sales process and reduce calendar back-and-forth by allowing visitors to book appointments, services, or discovery calls directly through your website. Halifax Harbour Tours provides a seamless online booking experience making booking easier for customers and the team alike.

With online booking capabilities, you can streamline scheduling and make it effortless for customers to engage with your business. We use Hubspot and WooCommerce Bookings to help clients streamline booking.

04. Create a Links Page

If you have a website you do not need a LinkTree. Say goodbye to third-party services and unnecessary logins by creating a dedicated links page on your website.

Whether it’s for your Instagram bio link or other external resources, centralizing your links on your website enhances convenience and control over your online presence. Remember, the link to your website is the One link to rule them all.

05. Reviews

Harness the power of customer reviews by integrating them directly into your small business websites using services like ElfSight (this is an affiliate link, we use this app exclusively). Check out the 5-star review for Picture Perfect Tours on their homepage. By displaying live reviews from sources like Google or TripAdvisor, you can build trust, showcase social proof, and enhance credibility with potential customers.

Powerful small business websites

By implementing these five strategies, you can take your website from good to great, attracting more visitors, generating more leads, and ultimately driving more sales. Don’t underestimate the power of your website—it’s your digital storefront and your gateway to success in the online world. So, power up and watch your business soar to new heights!

Boom12 + Small Business Websites

We’re a WordPress shop. That means we use the best technology to build powerful small business websites. We’ve met so many small business owners who had wasted so much time building half good websites with expensive DIY tools. Your time is more valuable than that. We build right-sized websites for smart small businesses. Ready to empower your website so you can do more of what you love? Drop us a line or let’s start with a quick chat then we’ll complete a website audit and share some insights.

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