One link to rule them all.

One of the best features of Instagram is they do not allow link sharing. This keeps the platform on point and uncluttered. Their message is clear: If you want to share a link do it somewhere built for link sharing.

On Instagram you are allowed one web address and one only. And that’s great.

Those who don’t get it or who think they’re “hacking” the problem, add links to their post descriptions. But Instagram doesn’t even allow you to copy/paste those URLs let alone tap/click them.

Most people, will simply change the link in their bio which creates a new problem; after a few days you may want to share a different link. If someone sees your old post they’ll end up tapping the wrong link. Facebook and Twitter do a great job helping people share links.

All that said … there are great reasons to share links with your Instagram audience (and Instagram-friendly ways to do it too!). Hence the popularity of #LinkInBio.

Why not harness the power of your website and use the #LinkInBio to provide a simple list of links right there on your own website.

  1. Create a page on your website, maybe “InstaLinks”
  2. Use it as a list of your recent links.
  3. Refer people to your InstaLinks page with the #LinkInBio

You can choose what works best but we recommend cycling the old links out on a monthly basis. If you’d like an example of an Instalinks page check out April Stroink, Money Coach. Need a hand creating your very own and learning how to keep it up to date? Get in touch.

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