Grid display of blank social media post mockups, ready for content insertion and customization. Post is about a curated Instagram grid.

The pros and cons of a curated Instagram grid

Instagram is a visual platform with a strong focus on short-form video and photography. With over a billion monthly active users, Instagram is a essential platform for Canadian businesses, especially small ones. Instagram has significant reach in Atlantic Canada making it one of if not the social platform with the most potential here.

A curated Instagram grid is like a carefully crafted digital storefront for your brand. It not only sets the first impression but, done right, can also be a small business branding game-changer. There are endless ways to bring order to chaos on your grid and a bit to think about before jumping in.

The pros of a curated Instagram grid

  1. First impressions count: For many small businesses, Instagram is the first point of contact with potential customers. A curated grid, adhering to specific design and style guidelines, creates a ‘wow’ factor. This visual coherence can elevate your brand, showcasing professionalism and attention to detail.
  2. Brand identity and consistency: A curated grid helps in establishing and maintaining a consistent brand identity. This consistency aids in brand recognition, as followers can easily identify your posts in their grid.
  3. Purposeful posting: Curating your grid encourages strategic thinking about content. It ensures that each post is purposeful and aligns with your brand’s message and goals, making your social media efforts more focused and effective.

The cons of a curated grid

  1. Limitation in content creation: Sticking to a particular style or design can be limiting. The need for every post to fit into a specific aesthetic can hinder spontaneity and the ability to post diverse content, which might be more engaging or relevant at times.
  2. Impact of branding changes: If your brand undergoes a significant shift in its visual identity or message, it can disrupt your curated grid. Adapting to new branding guidelines might require overhauling your Instagram profile, which can be time-consuming and challenging.
  3. Additional time and effort: Maintaining a curated grid demands extra effort and time. Ensuring every post aligns with your aesthetic and brand guidelines can be a meticulous and labor-intensive process, potentially slowing down your ability to post regularly.

Balancing act: curated vs. authentic

While a curated grid has its appeal, it’s crucial to strike a balance between curation and authenticity. Today’s consumers value authenticity, and overly curated grids can sometimes feel impersonal or disconnected from reality. Small businesses need to find a middle ground – maintaining a visually appealing grid while staying true to their brand’s authentic voice.

It’s not for everyone

A stylish and cohesive grid can be a powerful tool for small businesses to make a lasting first impression, establish brand identity, and ensure their content creation efforts have a clear purpose and value. However, it’s vital to be aware of the limitations and challenges it brings. The key is to balance aesthetic appeal with authentic storytelling, ensuring your Instagram grid resonates with and engages your audience effectively.

Not all businesses will be able to achieve these objectives, there are many strategies depending on who you are targeting and the style and voice of your brand. Choose wisely and you stand to gain a lot by being thoughtful and careful with your Instagram grid. Unsure? That’s when you hire a professional.

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