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Threads by Instagram: Five brands that are doing it right

Anyone can jump on a social platform but not everyone is good at it. And, just because you’re good at one doesn’t mean you’ll be good at the others. Almost universally, in the social media landscape, authenticity and engagement are key. Threads is a platform that encourages genuine conversations and lately has seen some brands, big and small, leveraging it brilliantly.

Here are five brands that are nailing their presence on Threads, showcasing their strengths, driving home a solid brand voice, and keeping it interesting.

1. Microsoft

Microsoft’s Threads account is a goldmine of nostalgia and humour. They brilliantly use throwbacks to their old advertising, coupled with a healthy dose of self-deprecation. Their content isn’t just funny – it’s also consistently engaging. For a good laugh and a trip down memory lane, check them out here.

2. HubSpot

As users of HubSpot’s CRM, their presence on Threads caught our eye with their witty Q4 jokes and CRM-update humour. Their content is not just relatable but consistently rolls out a fun take on B2B communication. It’s a joy to follow their threads. Find them here if you’re in the B2B space.

3. Evolve Fitness

Evolve Fitness, a locally-owned gym, stands out in an industry often mired in skepticism. Their Threads account, managed by owner Matthew Benvie, shines with insights from beloved trainers like Meech Ferguson. They offer valuable tips on health and fitness, making their local presence felt on a global platform. Follow their journey here.

4. Haligonia

With Meta turning off the news in Canada, Haligonia, a local news outlet, has found a refreshing space on Threads. They often break interesting local stories, bringing a much-needed perspective to their audience. Check out their news and updates here.

5. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a personal favorite on Threads, especially for their coverage of emerging tech. Their occasional jabs at figures like Elon Musk add a spice of humour to their threads. For tech enthusiasts, they’re a must-follow. Dive into the Threads tech world here.

Is Threads a good fit?

These brands exemplify the right way to use Threads – with regular, engaging, and often humorous content. They not only post consistently but also actively engage with their audience. This is the blueprint for success on Threads.

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