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Three design trends we can get behind in 2024

As we dive into 2024, the year’s graphic design trends are numerous and exciting. A long period of minimalism dominating seems to be fading into a “more is more” era and graphic design is evolving, bringing back some old favourites with fresh twists and introducing bold new concepts.

This year, we’re particularly excited about grabbing on to three trends we’ve been watching: the return of brutalism, impactful prominent photography, and the use of geometric shapes. For small businesses and non-profit organizations, these trends offer unique opportunities to stand out and captivate their audience in a highly competitive digital world.

3D textured design

Inspired by the hyper-realistic 3D design trend, textured 3D design is popping up all over the place. Emerging from the best the contemporary digital art scene has to offer for 2024, this approach applies lifelike textures to text, placing emphasis on the written content within the design. Who says your next social graphic can’t have bold, 3D, and … furry text? Why can’t we emulate metallic balloons for our next website hero swap?

Bold minimalism

Depending on who you ask, minimalism is back, never left, or on the way out. We’re definitely seeing a lot more busy, maximalist designs but if you dig deep you will find something that takes “less is more” to a new level driving a new, 2024 take on minimalism … bold minimalism. If it almost sounds like a contradiction, you’re not wrong. But sticking to the utilitarian nature of minimalist design—cutting through the noise and delivering clarity—doesn’t have to be flat, boring, nor subtle. You can stick to the necessary elements while still making them bold and outstanding. Let’s get it done, clearly and boldly this year, eh?

Visible grid lines

Bento grids and visible borders, inspired by the compartmentalized look of Japanese bento boxes, have emerged as a graphic design trend blending clarity and coherence. With modular layouts, they offer a clean aesthetic while ensuring easier navigation and information delivery. This structured chaos defines the creative outlook of 2024, where designers seamlessly fuse dynamic elements with foolproof organization. We’ve been using bento grids in web design and have been working these visible grid lines and borders into both our print and digital work.

Watch for these design trends

These are just three trends that have us excited to tackle creative and bold projects this year. We’re running with this fun blend of nostalgia and innovation, with an eye on giving small businesses and non-profit organizations fresh visuals to express themselves and stand out. Keep an eye on our socials for more

Whether it’s through the boldness of brutalism, the storytelling power of prominent photography, or the dynamic use of geometric shapes, these trends provide the tools to create designs that are not only visually stunning but also deeply impactful. Watch for these trends finding their way into our work by checking out our Recent Work.

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