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Modern print design for healthcare recruitment

Everyone knows that Nova Scotia needs more doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals. We need to train more people here at home, and we need to recruit from around the world. Recruiting health care professionals, when every other jurisdiction in the world is trying to do the same thing is no easy task. So we took our print design for healthcare recruitment task seriously.

Here at home, the Health Association of Nova Scotia (HANS) works with various stakeholders to do a lot of the heavy lifting when recruiting for various roles. They work online, at job fairs, and in various other capacities to help find students nearing graduation and health professionals  looking for new opportunities and match them with employment opportunities here in Nova Scotia.

Print design for healthcare

We designed and laid out professional recruitment materials for use at job fairs in different parts of the province by HANS as they undertook this important work.

We reviewed existing materials and supporting documentation and completed a strategic review of the content. We recommended versatile, easy to update print products for use at job fairs. Our designers created two brochures and a booklet to help HANS communicate available opportunities and emerging sectors to potential workers. We’re proud of the on-brand products we were able to provide and excited to see organizations like HANS working to improve and expand healthcare in Nova Scotia.

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