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Small biz, big fun: Six cool local adventures

Spring is in the air. We’re seeing people walking Quinpool in shorts. SailGP is in under a month.

So, we’ve decided to use the blog to do a little boasting on behalf of a few of our super-cool clients. We’re singling them out because they’re each a unique spin on cool local adventures.

Here’s your chance to connect with some super-fun stuff while supporting local, small businesses. From quiet cruises along the bustling waterfront to cage diving with sharks, there’s something here for everyone.

Basically, we’re friends with six really cool small businesses that make adventure their middle name, check ’em out …

Halifax Harbour Tours

Step aboard The Violet Mac, Halifax Harbour’s only all-electric, ultra-quiet boat, and experience the city from its vibrant waterfront. Offering both public and private cruises, Halifax Harbour Tours provides a serene way to explore the scenic views and maritime culture of the area.

Last summer we managed to take in an evening skyline tour and it was truly special. The quiet makes for great conversation, the pace makes for a relaxing time, and the crew make it worth it with an unobtrusive, laid back tour.

Ready for a peaceful escape on the water? Book your tour today!

Picture Perfect Tours

You could also choose a bucket list adventure to Sable Island or a morning journey to a quieter-than-typical Peggys’ Cove with Picture Perfect Tours. Each tour is designed to help you capture the stunning landscapes of Nova Scotia. They’re not just picturesque each tour is a photographic journey.

Geordie and friends provide an exceptional experience that is crafted with care. Keep the memories forever as you discover not just the sights but the rich stories behind them.

If “unforgettable adventure” is your goal: book your spot on the next adventure to Sable Island!

Rage Room Halifax

If you’re looking to level up your date night and “let off a little steam,” Rage Room Halifax might be the smashing-great experience you need.

Terry’s crew sets you up with safety gear, a room, and a bunch of stuff to smash. When you’re done smashing, grab a bottle of water and a selfie out front while they crew gets to cleaning up your mess.

It’s a fun, entertaining, and safe space where you can smash items to your heart’s content.

Will you be using a baseball bat, golf club, or crow bar to smash that printer? Book your session now and smash it away!

So how are we doing with this cool local adventures thing so far?

Atlantic Shark Expeditions

Why leave heart-pounding shark encounters to the movies when you can head off the coast of Halifax with Atlantic Shark Expeditions for the real thing? 

No joke. Click the link, book into one of the expeditions. On expedition day, you become a citizen scientist when you board the boat in Halifax and head off for shark viewing, cage diving, and exploration!

Dive into the world of marine biology with a guided marine tour that gives you a front-row seat to visit the sharks of Nova Scotia.

The expeditions support shark research through the Shark Research Foundation. Book your expedition today!

Action Laser Tag

We had an absolute blast the last time we made it to Action Laser Tag. This is a workout meets challenging games meets great hosts situation.

They’re on Bluewater Drive in Bedford with a nice big space to get your heart racing and sharpen your aim. There are social games that are open to the public and private games where you can bring your own crew.

This one is truly suited to pretty much anyone: kids parties, team building, or a girls night out.

Bet ya can’t go just once. Book into some simulated, action-packed fun now.

Cape Breton Backcountry Adventures

Now to the newest kid on the Boom12 block: Cape Breton Backcountry Adventures!

Haven’t gone, planning to go. If the Kelly’s Mountain lookoffs aren’t doing it for you, level up with some backcountry adventure.

Mac and co provide a massive variety of on and off-road Jeep tours. These tours don’t come easy. you’ll be enjoying views and areas only accessible with local guides and expert drivers.

The promise is breathtaking mountain vistas and serene coastal sunsets. They’re promises we know Cape Breton can keep.

Maybe we’ll end up on a backcountry adventure together because this in on our 2024 bucket list.

Join them on an adventure tailored just for you!

Did we get it right? Are these some cool local adventures or what?

As a little small business marketing agency, we’re pretty proud to be helping these six BIG experiences. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, dive into these unique activities—support local small businesses and have a blast doing it.

In small business marketing, every day is an adventure but, we’re seriously just hoping this gets us a few free passes!

Boom12 + Cool Local Adventures

We absolutely love working with these local, small businesses. Do you feel like your business could be our lucky number seven?

Then we should talk because we ant this to be even bigger next year. You can contact us or book in for a quick discovery call to see if it’s a good fit. It’s easy with no hard sell. .

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