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Affordable, powerful, and reliable small business websites.

We build the best WordPress websites for Halifax small businesses and non-profits. 

Halifax Small Business Web Design

Stop doing what Facebook tells you and start building your business. We build powerful websites for small businesses.

Social media is changing constantly, it is more and more important to own your own corner of the internet so your business isn’t relying on someone else’s.

Build a website you own and harness the power of social media to drive customers to your website.

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Don't call a chef if you need a mechanic.

Then why call on yourself when you need a web designer? Even the best DIY web tools fall short and they’re often more costly than they first appear with higher monthly fees and many tiers of service.

Your time is valuable, don’t waste it building a DIY website.

We offer a one-stop shop for all your Halifax small business web design needs: hosting, design & development, e-commerce, booking, blog, maintenance, and professional email hosting!

Handing over the keys
Own your business assets

Not all websites are created equal. If you’re going to build it make sure you own it.

Popular DIY website options like Squarespace lock you in to monthly subscriptions forever. If you decide to switch to another provider, you don’t get to take your website with you. You will have invested all that time and money in something you don’t even own.

At Boom12 we use the best tools to build you a website that you own and can take with you if you move on to another provider.

Build it and own it. Ownership matters.

The Blog: Print 101

Here are some recent posts about print, direct mail, and the benefits of providing a tangible product.

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