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A few of our favourite small business logos

Small business logos are an important part of branding. Logos in general help small businesses, non-profits, and others create lasting impressions and build brand awareness and loyalty.

We take pride in crafting modern, unique, and memorable small business logos that capture the essence of our clients’ brands. With almost eleven years of experience in the digital marketing industry, our portfolio includes a diverse range of logo designs.

Here are six of our favorite small business logo designs:

Halifax Harbour Tours: Our logo for Halifax Harbour Tours captures the spirit of adventure and exploration, reflecting the scenic beauty and maritime heritage of Halifax it includes a time-honoured conception of a ship’s anchor wrapped by a traditional maritime fishing rope.

PMQ Restaurant: The logo for PMQ Restaurant exudes elegance and sophistication, with clean lines and modern typography complimented by a German-style phoenix. The modern typography, paired with the phoenix is emblematic of the restaurant’s commitment to a modern take on an authentic German culinary excellence.

Blue Olive Greek Taverna: Starting with a rich and vibrant Greek blue, we brought together a thin, modern typeface, a modern olive illustration and a traditional olive green. Our Blue Olive Greek Taverna logo is a fusion of traditional and contemporary design elements, reflecting the restaurant’s commitment to authentic Greek cuisine.

Nerds with Needles: Combining playful imagery with a bold, eye-catching font, our logo for Nerds with Needles captures the quirky and creative spirit of this knitting and crafting community.

Phones for the Holidays: The logo for Phones for the Holidays is sleek and minimalist, with a stylized smartphone icon that conveys the company’s focus on providing the latest technology for holiday shoppers.

April Stroink Money Coach: Our logo for April Stroink Money Coach is professional and sophisticated, with clean typography and subtle accents that convey trustworthiness and expertise in financial matters.

Small business logos are important

Each of these non-profit and small business logos holds a special place for us, they’ve been used to build successful businesses, drive economic growth, and provide important support to members of our community ranging from people getting their financial house in order to street-involved community members in need of essential emergency communication.

We believe that a well-designed logo is more than just a visual identity – it’s a powerful tool that helps small businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace, build brand recognition, and connect with their target audience. If you’re ready to elevate your brand with a stunning logo design, we’re here to help!

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